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The Arts at Eastern Greene

Welcome to The Arts at Eastern Greene Schools! We are proud to offer an abundance of creative and artistic opportunities for our students to explore and develop their skills. In our district, we believe that The Arts are an essential component of a well-rounded education, and we are pleased to provide a variety of options to cater to our students' diverse interests.


Whether you are passionate about music, visual arts, culinary arts, or anything in between, our arts program has something for everyone. Our music classes, led by our talented instructors, provide students with the chance to learn a new instrument or enhance their existing skills. Our visual arts program offers courses in drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as opportunities to showcase their work through exhibitions and displays.


For those interested in performing arts, we have a range of options including band, orchestra, and choir, where students can hone their skills and perform in concerts throughout the school year.


Additionally, our culinary arts program offers students the opportunity to explore the culinary arts, learning from experienced chefs and building their cooking skills.


To learn more about each of these exciting programs, please follow the links below to the individual webpages for each program. We hope you will take advantage of the arts programs offered at our high school and discover the artist within you!

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