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Elementary Arts

Eastern Greene Elementary School offers its students their first experience in Arts Education through Music Class and Art Class.

Elementary Art

At Eastern Greene, all students in Kindergarten through fifth grade visit the art room once a week. Mrs. Parsley teaches the standard elements of art, line, space, shape, value, color, form, and texture through grade level appropriate projects.  We explore all different types of art and use a wide range of mediums, pencil, crayons, markers, sharpies, paints, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal, yarn, weaving, sculpture and more.  From cutting and gluing, guided drawing videos, artist studies, and free draw there is always the opportunity to learn, practice, and grow their art skills.  Every artist is encouraged to be part of the group, yet allowed to be unique in their own work. 

“We may all be different kinds of fish, but in this school, we swim together!”

Mrs. Parsley has a Facebook page where you can follow along to see art room projects, as well as another page that is a good source of information of happenings all over the Eastern Greene campuses. Elementary Art

Elementary Music

All Eastern Greene students in kindergarten through fifth grade have the opportunity to learn age-appropriate music skills through singing, dancing, playing, and listening. The music curriculum, which is taught by a licensed teacher, follows the state and national standards for music education. The music curriculum is coordinated with the academic curriculum as well as with the art and PE curricula when possible.

All students in grades K-5 take part in at least one public performance during the school year: Kindergarten at graduation, 1st at our Christmas Carol Concert, 2nd in a Pajama Party Concert, 3rd grade at the annual Folk Festival, and 4th and 5th grade in a spring mini-musical.

Students in 4th grade take part in an extended unit studying and playing the recorder. 5th graders will continue with the recorder, building on the skills they learned in 4th grade.

Mrs. Drummond is the music teacher for all of our Elementary Music Classes.

Students currently begin band and orchestra in the 6th grade and choir in the 7th grade.

Facebook: Eastern Greene Music in General

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